The Fuji X-T2 as a travel camera?

So with a new trip to Nepal on the horizon (this Friday to be exact!) I am pretty excited about taking my new Fuji X-T2, out on my travels to see how it compares?

I know already that its going to be considerably lighter than my bulky DSLR that I took for 2 months at the beginning of the year, and as we are hiking to some pretty remote locations, this is going to be a real bonus for me!


The lenses also, are more compact than their full frame equivalents, so more weight to be saved there! A smaller camera bag in total to lug up those beautiful Nepali hills! Wahoo! I can enjoy the stunning views and surroundings, and that makes me happy!

Regarding lenses, I have decided to hire the 56mm, f1.2 APD prime for this trip as everybody and I mean EVERYBODY keeps raving about this lens and it has the reputation of being an amazing portrait lens I just want to see for myself how good it is! (This trip could get expensive!)

If the quality is any where near as good as the 90mm f.2  I have already I know I am not going to be disapointed.

I already know the camera can produce some amazing files as I have been using it professionally for the last four months for my portraits and wedding’s and the results have surpassed my expectations!


But my real passion is travel and the people that I meet in these wonderful countries. I just NEED this kit to preform as my last one did! Capturing the wonderful characters of Nepal with the accuracy and deftness that I would expect. (I’m not too sure why I am doubting it really!) But for me this is the real test!

I am a little worried about the battery life, but am pretty sure that we will be able to recharge every evening so I have enough batteries to last me a full day of shooting if needs be (that’s 5 batteries for me just to be safe)

I also have purchased the battery grip recently and this is perfect for a quick recharge, and can be done independent of the camera, so you can keep shooting with just the body while its doing its thing, perfect out on location where you never know whats around the corner especially in Nepal where the electricity supply can be a little unpredictable to say the least!

My next problem, is how much memory to take! LOL! (but that is just down to me!)

Nepal travel portraits

This particular trip we will be travelling up to Barpak, the epicentre of the 2015 Earthquake, so will be a very different environment, as we will be up in the hills in Gorkha.

I look forward to sharing some images with you in a few weeks! And I’ll let you know my thoughts on the X-T2 and how is copes as my new travel workhorse!

Saraya x

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