So I’m a cover girl!

A while back I was asked be the lovely Julie Oswin of the guild magazine,if I would like to be included with an article explaining my work overseas. Never one to turn down any form of publicity to spread the word about the wonderful charity Raleigh International, I jumped at the chance!

Aptly titled Creative Light the magazine for their members is an online publication with all the latest news and reviews in Photography!

Very informative with some really beautiful imagery to be inspired by, it is a great privilege for me to be included in this issue, and to be front cover as well !! Brilliant!

The cover image was one I shot in Hetauda, Makwanpur, in Nepal in February 2016.


As usual I was taking my normal evening stroll, in the beautiful Nepal golden hour, when I spotted this little one, standing outside her house. I asked her mother is it was ok for me to take an image, she thankfully agreed, as I just love the colours and warmth of this image.

She gave me the biggest smile after this shot, but out of the two I really preferred this one. There is just something in her expression that really captures the innocence of childhood.

I will be heading back to Nepal later on this week, to a different area, more up in the Himalayan hills, where the scary and atmosphere is different from the Valleys, so I am looking forward to seeing the differences.

If you would like to read the full article in Creative light, please click the link here! And enjoy reading!

Saraya x




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