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The perfectly formed, FUJI X-T20!

I am sure all of you by now have read all of the amazing reviews of all of the new Fuji film products that were excitingly released on the 19th of Jan! So my experiences? Well where to begin

As a portrait and travel photographer the obvious choice for me of the new arrivals was the X-T20, a smaller more compact little sister of the the X-T2 (a camera that I now use for ALL of my portraiture and travel commissions).

In November 2016, I was approached by Fujifilm asking if I would be interested in having a trial of another of their prototype cameras. Now is any photographer going to say no, to such a great opportunity? You’d be a fool not to get involved!

The very next day I was off on my travels again as a trainer for the wonderful Photojourney in Nepal, I packed up the x-T2 in my Billy bag and  just popped in the X-T20, and hoped that I would get a chance to give it a go.

With most of the prototypes that are sent out there are always some initial glitches, but I managed to get it up and running for a few days whilst up in the hills of Barpak, Nepal.

It was so small I would often take it out on my golden hour walks, something that I try and do everyday whilst visiting a new area, I would pop on either the 90mm or 56mm prime lens on and that would be it!

The following images were taken a year and a half after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and I wanted to really highlight the way the town had managed to regenerate and develop with vigour and pride after such an epic event, it was really very inspiring!

As the X-t20 was a pre-production model, I was unable to shoot RAW so shot all of the images in Jpeg, and then processed after in Nik software as I love the BW conversion, I was amazed by the quality and depth of the files and the sharpness! Sheesh! That 56mm APD lens is something else!

The biggest benefit to the size was that I found was that I could very discreetly hand hold the camera, in all situations and it is pretty much unnoticed, really nice when you are trying to get natural portraits.

Even more so when imaging the children of Barpak, (and there were LOTS of children!) as they were certainly less intimidated with the smaller body, I was amazed how close to the subjects I was able to get.

I’m not one to go into to all the new technologies and features, but as a photographer who likes things easy I just like things to work the way they should!

Photography for me is more about the connection and interaction with the subject, and this lovely little piece of kit certainly allowed me to have that! The eye contact that I was able to maintain was easier as I was not behind a huge DSLR,  quite often I would use the flip screen with my eyes above camera to draw an expression from the subject!

The controls and menus are pretty much the same as the X-T2, so I was used to where everything was, just slight differences were noted but nothing too out of the way.

After returning from Nepal and a couple of firmware updates (very normal for the pre-production models) I was able to shoot RAW and the files as expected did not disappoint! The files are BIG! And again lots of depth and clarity.

I am still experimenting with the body and it has also recently been in my kit for a recent family holiday to Costa Rica, it was a great to take out on days and to the beach, and I am sure it will be a great add on to my work kit also!

I am now thinking of carrying two bodies (this one being the extra) to my portrait shoots, so that I am able to seamlessly shoot both wide and long lenses quickly! When shooting children at speed this can only be of benefit! I will update you when I have started my London portrait shoots in a few weeks! (its just too cold out there at the moment!)

In the meantime for all of the camera details just click on the images above we really could learn a lot from their strength of character!

Saraya x






The Photokina virgin!

So I am currently sat in an empty/ish Koln airport, Ive bought the obligatory duty free, eaten the dried ham and cheese roll with my last beer, and now I have a couple of hours to kill before I get my flight back to the uk! So I thought rather than just sitting and watching the world go by I would share some of my experiences of my first Photokina.

I was attending the vast trade show as a speaker on the Fuji live stage, telling my story of my switch from NIKON to the gorgeous Fuji XT-2.

I was speaking alongside some incredibly talented photographers, it was a little nerve wracking to say the least, and I felt a little out of my depth, having never spoken on such a big stage before!

I really shouldn’t have worried! Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY, has made me feel extremely welcome, and they all assured my that everything would go smoothly! And it did! (I had been worrying about this for weeks!!)

Thank you so

Here are a few of the images from my talk…..Click on the images to find the exif data…

Travel portraiture, Nepal
Nepal travel portraits
Nepali travel photographer
Hetauda, Nepal.

Arriving at Koelnmesse, where the trade show is held, I was shocked at how large all of the stands were! I had been to trade shows in the UK before, but this was on a different level!

It was clear that there was a real buzz around the Fuji stand, probably due to the announcement of the eagerly anticipated GFX medium format body and lenses. There certainly was a lot of bodies crowding around the displays, all taking images of cameras! (A little strange if you ask me, but each to their own!)

The highlights for me were:

The images on the Leica stand, the disturbing giant images from Bruce Gilden were just shockingly powerful.

Seeing the other speakers on my stand, Elia Locardi and his epic travel images. Jonas Rask and his beautiful street photography, and Javier Abads stunning wedding images, I could go on…. all of the speakers on the Fuji stand were great, and I took something away from each and everyone!

Seeing the real passion with which the Fuji staff feel about their product, and their real care as to how it is received by us, its clients. I don’t think I have ever known a company that really honestly cares so much! It is refreshing to be involved with the company that really does listen to our opinions!

Childrens lifestyle photographer, Cheltenham,
Misha, Fuji X-T2
Jojo, Fuji X-T2
portrait photographer, essex
Portrait photographer, Essex
Childrens photographer, Essex
Childrens portraits, Essex

And lastly making some amazing new friends, and catching up with old ones is always lovely, just to chat photography every evening over food and a few, (maybe one night too many!) beers.

I leave Cologne, with a huge smile on my face, and feeling inspired to go shooting with all of the creativity that I have taken away!

Thank you Fuji! And thank you Cologne! 🙂

Saraya xx





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