New bite size mentoring programme!

If you would like to develop and nurture your photographic career and skills I am here to help you on your journey!

The cost of each inspirational session is only £60 for a limited time only.

In need of some photographic inspiration?

Preparing  for qualifications? Or entering competitions? Or maybe you are stuck in a little bit of a photographic rut and need a friendly push in the right direction!

I am an experienced mentor and Judge with many years being involved on judging panels and mentoring programmes with many of the top professional photographic bodies, such as the Royal Photographic Society, The British Institute of Professional Photographers and The guild of Photographers

I have mentored countless photographers from around the world, and this experience has helped me to guide and inspire all to achieve the results that they strive for.

Photography Workshops in Cheltenham

Find out more about a range of training and mentoring options and dates of our Photography Workshops in Cheltenham.

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Photographic mentoring at pour own pace.

With this bite size mentoring programme, you can pick and choose what you would like your particular session to encompass.

You will initially select around 30-50 of your images and send them through to me a few days before our meeting. I then write comprehensive notes on each of the images for you to keep after the session, and for us to discuss in detail.

We will then arrange a time that is mutually suitable for us to “meet” online!

I will then discuss your images on a 121 basis, discussing all aspects of their strengths and more importantly how the images could be stronger.

I will then suggest strategies and actions to move your work forward, anything from tips on using your camera, composition and posing, or editing and post production!

Setting photographic goals.

Together we will take your work forward, towards being a more successful and confident photographer.

These sessions can be wonderful for you as a photographer, just taking bite size instruction, when and where you need it, and at times when you may just need a little more support and encouragement!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Saraya x

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