One of my first inspirations! :)

Making connections as photographers is key!

Quite often I am asked who inspires me! And to be honest most people I meet do! Every connection that I have is important or special in some way to me!

Throughout my 20 years as a portrait photographer, over time I came to realise the huge importance of the real love of people and the special places in which we live is key to being successful!

I stumbled upon this wonderful interview the other day whilst surfing the internet looking for something completely different and felt very nostalgic as I remembered that David’s first works as a photographer had really drawn me to the genre in the first place!

Growing up I think my parents were members of some kind of book club so we would always receive a large coffee book table for birthdays or Christmas, to be honest the collection has grown ever since and my love of picture books means that a bookshelf is the first piece of furniture I am trying to find for my new studio!

One such gift book I was lucky enough to receive was one from the David Hockney archive! (I think The Big Spash?) I loved the montages of places in California and how the puzzle pieces of polaroids were placed together to create an abstract yet real scene.

These images of the deserts and swimming pools drew me into the field of photography and I am sure I created some similar (clearly not as commercially successful) examples of my own for course work! x

Watching this documentary I am struck with how passionate David is about the people and the world around him!

I hope that at 81 I still have the same enthusiasm and lust for life! 🙂 He was an inspiration at 16 and still 30 years later that has to say something about the man!

Unit next time!

Saraya xx

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