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A few months ago, just after returning from Photokina in Germany, I was asked by Ugo Cie of the traveling image makers podcast site, if I would share a few stories about my photographic journey and where it has led me in the last few years!

Here is that interview and a few words to introduce it by Ugo himself!

Enjoy! x

“A few weeks ago I was visiting Photokina, the world’s largest photo and video trade fair, held every year in Cologne, Germany. As I was leaving the exhibition’s floor at the end of my last day there, I happened to pass by Fujifilm’s booth and I noticed there was a talk about to start on the stage. The photographer that was going to present her work was Saraya Cortaville, who I didn’t know previously.

I decided to stay a little bit more to attend the presentation and I am happy that I did, because her work was truly inspiring and her personality captivating. At the end of the talk, I introduced myself and invited Saraya to be my guest on the show and she graciously accepted, so we recorded an interview a few days later and here it is.”

Podcast with travel and portrait photographer, Saraya Cortaville.

I hope that you all enjoy this insight into what I do if I am not taking images of children in and around London! Being a photographer really is a wonderful gift, when you can have such varied experiences!

You can see some of the images that I included in my chat on my travel page on the website! Or  join me on my travel intragram page!

Heres to the next adventure!

Saraya x



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