Hill tribe portraits!

As most of you know I can’t resist, (even when i’m supposed to be on holiday) on carrying my massive Nikon D5 and 2 lenses around, just on the of chance that I will see a beautiful face or a character that is just asking to be photographed!

Just before the off to Nepal, I decided to head off into the hills of Northern Thailand, about three hours North of Chiang Mai.

I had been given a very good recommendation of a trekking company, and decided to “rough it” for two night and three days, to try and experience a part of Thailand that most tourists don’t see!

Bags packed and water bottles filled we hiked through some spectacular landscape upto the beautiful hills, to visit the Karen tribe, who were keen to meet their new visitors! We spent a very memorable two nights in the jungle, and it was an experience that I will never forget! A definite must if you are visiting Chiang Mai! The best trip I did on my three week visit!

Here are some of the images that I took along the way!

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