The Marrakech Collection

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  • A series of 5 images from the beautiful city of Marrakech.
  • Limited edition collection of 20.
  • Printed on 350gsm Fine Art Hahnemuhle paper
  • Image size 7×5, paper size 10×8.
  • All signed and stamped by the Artist.
  • Presented in a beautiful hand made print box.


“there are certain places on the surface of the earth that possess more magic than others, and one of those places is Marrakech”         

Paul Bowles

I visited Marrakech for the first time in the heat of Autumn 2018. We arrived and explored as soon as we hit the winding corridors of the medina. The colours textures and the beautiful light create a beautiful collection of images that for me represent the true side of this wonderful city.

Lady in blue

The colours of this image are what draw me to this capture in the medina. The colours of Marrakech really are beautiful ochre’s, oranges and deep rich browns. The blue and white of the figure contrasts beautifully. The pocket of light in whish she sits is also framed wonderfully with the arches in the foreground really drawing the viewer deep into the frame.

The Pedlar

The leading lines and the beautiful shaft of light with the tell tale colours and textures just had to be part of this Marrakech collection.

Man in a hat

I was drawn to the balance of the elements within this frame. The profile of the man in his straw hat cuts a very familiar sight against the highly textured wall of the temple.

Lady in the Medina

We arrived at the medina early in the morning with the sunrising before us, only a few of the stalls were ready for the day ahead so the atmosphere was very different to the normal hustle and noise of the day. The lone figure really captures for me this feeling.

The face of textures

When I approached this lady who was indeed a beggar on the outskirts of the medina I was instantly struck by the intensity of her face and how it was mirrored with the harsh texture of the wall she was sitting against, her face perfectly framed within her beautifully woven blue head scarf.

Enjoy! Saraya xx