Photography Mentoring & Training

I offer private one-to-one photography training courses tailored to your specific needs. You’ll get to choose what you want to learn, enabling you to advance in the areas that matter to you, at your own pace. 

Photography training and mentor programmes

When I achieved my first Fellowship in 2007, I realised that its was time for me to give something back to the industry that I loved.

I started mentoring and training some wonderful photographers in a range of skills, from studio lighting to posing and in gaining qualifications with many of the leading professional photographic bodies.

I have been included on judging panels for qualifications from Licencietship through to Fellowship, and also judged both regional and international print competitions.

My in depth knowledge of the processes and their requirements is great.

I have mentored and trained photographers from many of the top photographic bodies including, The British Institute of Professional Photographers, The Guild, The Master Photographers Association and The Royal Photographic Society.

The book


Portrait Photography Art and Techniques, By Saraya Cortaville. 

The perfect gift for any aspiring photographer, with a personal message.



60 minute, live online mentoring, with in depth critique of images and technique

1-2-1 Training - Half Day


1-1 Intensive half day mentoring or training, tailored to your individual photographic needs and requirements.

60 minute online follow up.

1-2-1 Training - Full Day


1-1 Intensive Full day mentoring or training, tailored to your individual photographic needs and requirements.

60 minute online follow up.

40 Hours of mentoring and training


40 hours of mentoring, with the primary focus, you the photographer gaining a professional qualification in your chosen genre. Anything from a Licentiate through to a Fellowship or Master Craftsman.

This can be spread over 6 months to a year, with on going critique and encouragement to guide you though every stage of the process. 

Starting with strong image selection, working profiles through to the final submission of images to the judging panel.

70 Hours of mentoring and training


70 hours of mentoring and training with you the photographer at the heart of focus, we will cover every aspect of your photographic journey, developing your imagery and  taking it to the next level. Wether that be in gaining qualifications, attaining award or developing your own particular creative approach.

We will discuss all aspects of your photography and how it can be nurtured and developed into a photographic style that sets you apart from all others.

This mentoring is completely tailored to your needs as an individual so wether you need technical training, lighting, composition, posing, printing, business advice, or indeed all of the above these can be catered for in detail.

Photographic training and mentoring, prices and details.

Below I have outlined the various options that I offer for photographic mentoring and training, each option can be personalised to each photographers needs.

How it works

I offer various options for the development of your photographic journey, from weekend workshops, through to 1-2-1 ongoing mentoring.

Mentoring is on a 1-2-1 basis and is tailored to suit each individual and their particular needs, it can be arranged at my office or if more beneficial at a location near you. (many will chose for me to come to their studios, so that I am able to see actual working practices, and how these may be developed)

They can be one off intensive days or an ongoing programme of development depending on each photographers needs and requirements.

The Book

In 2013 I was commissioned by Crowood Press to write a book entitled Portrait Photography- Art and Techniques, it was a real labour of love and something that I am proud to have managed to complete! (it was tough going at time!). If you are learning the craft of portrait photography, this is the book for you! Receive a signed copy, with a personalised message for only £20!

Starting out?

If you are completely new to photography we will cover the basics of using your camera to the fullest, the perfect start to your photographic journey.

  • Fundamental principles of light.
  • Camera & lens basics.
  • Correct setting for shooting in manual mode.
  • Lens choices for different subjects.
  • ISO, F stops and Shutter speeds.
  • Understanding exposure.
  • How to see the light and use it.
  • The rules of composition.
  • Pushing your creativity.
  • Posing people.
  • Editing your images.

A good place to start would be to purchase the book or to come on one of my very popular beginners training days.

Moving on!

For photographers looking to develop style and perhaps even apply for qualifications or enter competition prints to a higher standard.

This is the option for you.

Each photographer that I have encouraged and mentored, have had their own skills and weaknesses, with my vast knowledge of the industry and judging experience at such a high level, I am able to develop and nurture, into a more confident and successful image maker.

Most photographers approach me to fine tune their skills, more specifically, lighting, composition and posing. And most importantly developing a unique and distinctive style in their work. Many strive for qualifications and award winning imagery.

These sessions are best on a one to one basis, as they are very intensive and defined sessions. With the photographer taking the lead on where they would like their imagery to progress. I can arrange locations, models and even camera, lens or lighting hire if required.

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