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A short history of…. well me and my photography journey!

A few weeks ago I was asked by Fujifilm UK to record a short little piece about my journey as a photographer.

Recorded in my lounge the sound is a bit rough and ready but I hope that you can enjoy the stories and the images that I have taken along the way! 🙂

The images span a fair few years from the beginning of my photography adventures right up until my last trip to Mustang in Nepal at the beginning of the year before the dreaded lockdown.

During this time I am now very busy with mentoring lots of photographers (over 15 in the last few months!) which has been a wonderful experience with many reaching their photographic goals and developing styles.

Many have been aiming for photographic qualifications and all so far have been successful which is a wonderful achievement and encouraging for me as people are really making the most of this time to do something positive and good for their wellbeing.

If you would like some photographic inspiration at the moment please do make the most of my special photography mentoring deals available whilst we are on lockdown.

I am also planning some amazing photography workshops overseas for when we are aloud to travel! These will most likely start from 2021 and will be in some wonderful locations such as Tanzania, Madagascar and Nicaragua. With some more European based options such as Lake Annecy and Rome. If you are interested in joining me please do show an interest and as soon as I have more information you will be the first to hear!

These will be small groups and to some incredible locations where I know we are able to capture some wonderful images whilst being immersed in the local communities and cultures that I have been lucky enough to experience on my travels over the years.

Whatever you are up to at the moment! Keep well and stay in touch!

Saraya x

A cheeky little podcast!

A few weeks ago I met the wonderful team Talking Shot Photography Podcast. Hosted by Esther Ling, Ross Grieve, Jim Cossey, ​and Matt Jacobs I was made to feel very welcome!

I always love meeting other creative minds and talking photography so it was a really enjoyable morning! If you have twenty minutes and would like to hear some stories from my travels please give it a listen!

Experimenting with ICM, Intentional Camera Movement and abstracts.

This last month has been a real mix of crazy busy and relaxation!

We have spent some lovely family time in Spain before three weeks of travelling the country with speaking gigs and child portraits all over the country!

When on holiday I normally try to experiment a little with photography, kind of a holiday from my normal portrait work and push myself creatively.

I had just attended Cambrian Photography, in Colwyn Bay for a speaking role and as usual had stuck around to see all of the other inspiring speakers.

One speaker struck me particularly, the amazing Rachael Talibart, her work was just so beautiful using techniques that I had not really used myself before.

The images that most intrigued me were those where she had used Intentional Camera Movement the more I had looked into this technique the more I wanted to give it a try!

So I thought I would give it a go!

It really is harder than you think to capture the images that you want.

Quite often the results are just a blurry mess! But sometimes, just sometimes the images can just dance infront of your eyes like happy little accidents!

I also looked more some abstract seascapes (I probably did look a little odd taking images of the water) and I just love the shapes and light in these images.

Taking these images I really did try and push my camera into settings that I wouldn’t do normally when taking my portraiture commissions. When taking portraits I try and keep my camera settings pretty simple so this was a really organic and suck it and see way for me to shoot which I have to say was rather liberating!

For me it was wonderful to try something different and produce images that I was happy with. There images themselves still give me the memories of my holidays just with more of an atmosphere and feel rather than the obvious.

I would really encourage you all to go out there and try something a little different!

See a talk, go to a workshop, experiment with movement and push yourself creatively! If you need that little bit of an extra push why not book on to one of my photography mentoring programmes to inspire and encourage your photographic journey!

Big hugs!

Saraya x

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