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When big Saraya met little Saraya

Having lived with the name Saraya for then last 45 years, I am constantly asked, how do you pronounce it? Where is it from? What does it mean?

In answer to those questions, the first is easy, phonetically, Sa ray ah, easy right? But you would be amazed at how many people struggle with it! I even once had a teacher who refused to call me Saraya and called me Sarah.

Most people think that my name is Soraya, which is a beautiful name, but pronounced slightly differently, and most of the time when people ask me I say that my parents didn’t know how to spell!

Soraya is an Iranian name referring to the Pleiades, a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. It has connotations meaning “rich” (I wish) and “princess” (again I wish). I believe that my name means something similar, and where the name comes from.

So when I was contacted by one of my old clients to say that they would love shoot for their little Saraya, it was a really happy surprise!

I have never ever met another Saraya, there are a few around the world, but really not many, so we are pretty unique!

I had met the parents a while ago at a shoot in my studio in North London a few years ago, and they contacted me last year when Saraya was born to book a shoot, it is always lovely for me to see past clients. (Although it does sometimes make me feel old! Especially when I see the kids growing so quickly!)


We met in a lovely park in North London, and with that gorgeous Autumn sunshine, we couldn’t help but make some lovely portraits of this smiley little lady.


At not even two, Saraya was brilliant to picture, very chatty, telling me about her favourite dinosaurs and I was so impressed with her attention span. (mum and dad helped with that too!)

It was funny for me, when mum and dad kept calling the name Saraya, I answered sometimes too! It was a first for me, to have a client with the same name! So here we are… the two Saraya’s! And I am sure we will see each other again in the future! (thank you Mummy for the image :)!


If you would like some Autumn portraits of your little one please contact me for shoot details and prices.

Lots of Love Big Saraya xxx


Beautiful family portraits, Hampstead Heath.

A few weeks ago on a lovely Autumnal morning I met a lovely family who wanted to capture their growing family!

It is always so beautiful shooting on Hampstead Heath, especially in the Autumn with the wonderful warm colours and falling leaves.

Erin and Connel-033Erin and Connell-083

We met outside the very grand Kenwood house and started shooting straight away! I would always suggest a morning shoot if choosing a location such as this, (it gets very busy, and trying to avoid the crowds can be difficult!)

Also it is particularly beneficial if you are shooting smaller children, they are definitely better in the morning, straight after breakfast they are generally full of energy and lovely to work with, enabling me to create some natural and timeless portraits.

These two gorgeous little ones, performed very well and the interaction between them was just beautiful to see! My favourites are where we stopped for a little rest at the front of Kenwood, and I just asked the two to play between them! The results were just precious! The obvious love between the two was a joy!Erin and Connell-042

If you would like to capture your family or children in such a way, please do contact me!

I now only shoot on location and from March-November so get booked up from weekends very quickly! (especially during the summer) so book WELL in advance if you would like a shoot.

I am available to shoot throughout the South East and within London, so it you have a great location, please call me to discuss!

Saraya x

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