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A lovely little podcast !

A few months ago, just after returning from Photokina in Germany, I was asked by Ugo Cie of the traveling image makers podcast site, if I would share a few stories about my photographic journey and where it has led me in the last few years!

Here is that interview and a few words to introduce it by Ugo himself!

Enjoy! x

“A few weeks ago I was visiting Photokina, the world’s largest photo and video trade fair, held every year in Cologne, Germany. As I was leaving the exhibition’s floor at the end of my last day there, I happened to pass by Fujifilm’s booth and I noticed there was a talk about to start on the stage. The photographer that was going to present her work was Saraya Cortaville, who I didn’t know previously.

I decided to stay a little bit more to attend the presentation and I am happy that I did, because her work was truly inspiring and her personality captivating. At the end of the talk, I introduced myself and invited Saraya to be my guest on the show and she graciously accepted, so we recorded an interview a few days later and here it is.”

Podcast with travel and portrait photographer, Saraya Cortaville.

I hope that you all enjoy this insight into what I do if I am not taking images of children in and around London! Being a photographer really is a wonderful gift, when you can have such varied experiences!

You can see some of the images that I included in my chat on my travel page on the website! Or  join me on my travel intragram page!

Heres to the next adventure!

Saraya x



So I’m a cover girl!

A while back I was asked be the lovely Julie Oswin of the guild magazine,if I would like to be included with an article explaining my work overseas. Never one to turn down any form of publicity to spread the word about the wonderful charity Raleigh International, I jumped at the chance!

Aptly titled Creative Light the magazine for their members is an online publication with all the latest news and reviews in Photography!

Very informative with some really beautiful imagery to be inspired by, it is a great privilege for me to be included in this issue, and to be front cover as well !! Brilliant!

The cover image was one I shot in Hetauda, Makwanpur, in Nepal in February 2016.


As usual I was taking my normal evening stroll, in the beautiful Nepal golden hour, when I spotted this little one, standing outside her house. I asked her mother is it was ok for me to take an image, she thankfully agreed, as I just love the colours and warmth of this image.

She gave me the biggest smile after this shot, but out of the two I really preferred this one. There is just something in her expression that really captures the innocence of childhood.

I will be heading back to Nepal later on this week, to a different area, more up in the Himalayan hills, where the scary and atmosphere is different from the Valleys, so I am looking forward to seeing the differences.

If you would like to read the full article in Creative light, please click the link here! And enjoy reading!

Saraya x




Latest Article, in The Photographer.

So 2015 was a big year for my lovely little business, I decided to make the big step of moving from my gorgeous studio in High Barnet to all location based shoots. Many thought I was mad to give up such a lovely space, and leave the comfort zone of the studio.

Here is an article, from The photographer Sept 2015 explaining why I did ,and the great changes is has made to me as a portrait photographer in London. It really pushed my photography in ways that are both good for me in a creative way, and for my clients , their portraits are now more unique to their family.

Please click on the link below to read the full story!

The photographer, Saraya Cortaville

I think it is a real insight to how a great adventure (which Africa, Tanzania, and the whole experience with Raleigh International was) can completely change you’re outlook in life! And in so many ways that you might not even imagine!

2016 is also proving to be a very exciting year, with many new projects and adventures planned! I look forward to telling you all about them! 🙂

They really all do seem to have stemmed from this initial adventure! So go on push yourself to do something out of the ordinary! You never know where it might take you!

Speak soon! Love from a very excited portrait photographer 🙂

Saraya x

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