Photography Mentoring

Expert knowledge at a time to suit you and your unique photographic journey.

Your Trainer

  • 10 years mentoring experience

    I am an experienced and trusted trainer with over ten years of mentoring photographers at the highest level.

  • In depth knowledge of qualification requirements

    With my years of industry experience I have an in depth knowledge of the various requirements for each of the large photographic organisations and their requirements for qualifications.
  • Judge and mentor for The BIPP

    I have been a qualified judge and mentor for The BIPP, The Guild of Photographers and The Royal Photographic Society, and Photo-training overseas for the last 10 years.
  • International speaker for Fujifilm

    A speaker both nationally and internationally for Fujifilm, The Guild of Photographers and Photo Training overseas. I have experience of motivating and inspiring photographers to push themselves creatively.
  • 18 years industry experience

    With over 18 years experience in the industry, I have the ability to guide each photographer to develop their own unique style in their chosen genre.
  • Awarded two fellowships

    Having personally achieved some of the highest awards and qualifications in the photographic industry, I can guide you towards achieving them too!

Your Feedback

  • Saraya mentored me and helped me get my Associate Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society, thanks Saraya X.
  • Thank you for giving such an inspiring speech with such wonderful images :)
  • Great to see you and an inspiring presentation today, Many thanks!
  • I found your talk utterly engaging with some inspirational images for us to enjoy-the best talk we’ve had in ages so thank you very much.
  • Thank you so much!!! I got 1 silver and 5 bronze today!! xx I will be in touch soon to book another mentoring session xx

    The benefits of photography mentoring

    • Reach your goals faster

      With regular guidance, and deadlines set you will be motivated to achieve your goals faster and with more focus.

    • Structured and guided programme

      Together we will develop a structured and detailed programme, which over time will cover all of the important elements of your chosen photographic goals.

    • Stronger relationships

      The most successful relationships are built over time and an understanding of how each of you works to your best potential. 

    • Personalised

      With each photographer their goals may be slightly different, with mentoring this development can be completely personalised to you as an  individual. Whether this be practical, technical or creative guidance all can be covered with this completely bespoke way of teaching.

    • Networking

      Working with a successful professional photographer you are able to gain a real insight into the industry as whole. Many leading photographers will have strong industry links and access to a huge network of other working photographers.

    Photography mentoring programmes

    Mini Mentoring session


    20-30 minutes taster session, live online mentoring with image critique.

    1 Hour of Mentoring

    Was £60 now £45 for a limited time only!

    60 minute, live online mentoring, with in depth critique of images and technique.

    5 Hours of Mentoring

    Was £275 now £200 for a limited time only!

    5 hours of mentoring, your choice of subject, at times convenient to you, and your photographic learning.

    10 Hours of Mentoring

    Was £450 now £350 for a limited time only!

    10 hours of mentoring, your choice of subject, at times convenient to you, and your photographic learning.

    The book


    Portrait Photography Art and Techniques, By Saraya Cortaville. 

    The perfect gift for any aspiring photographer, with a personal message.

    In 2013 I was commissioned by Crowood Press to write a book entitled Portrait Photography- Art and Techniques, it was a real labour of love and something that I am proud to have managed to complete! (it was tough going at time!). If you are learning the craft of portrait photography, this is the book for you! Receive a signed copy, with a personalised message for only £20!

    How it works

    I offer various options for the development of your photographic journey, from weekend workshops, through to 1-2-1 ongoing mentoring.

    Mentoring is the most flexible of all of the options. With you the photographer able to choose when and where you receive your session.

    For the most part this is completed online, over the phone or via skype. 

    Photographers initially send images for critique and constructive opinion as to how they might improve and grow creatively. This is then followed up with an online or face to face discussion where

    After each session I will provide written notes for the photographer to reference at a later date, covering any important points highlighted in the session.

    With the mentoring packages, the photographer is able to decide when the help is needed. This maybe an initial hour session with particular photographic goals set for the next arranged meeting.

    Mailing list

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