New photography courses announced for 2019!

So you are new to this wonderful world of Photography and  Portraiture and what an inspiring world it is!

To give people the joy of memories for the rest of their lives is such a great privilege! And the reason why all portrait photographers absolutely LOVE their jobs!

If you are an aspiring photographer, this is the course for you! A real insight into the workings of a successful and passionate portrait photographer.

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Photography workshops Cheltenham.

Beginners Photography Workshop Cheltenham

Our first beginners course will be taking place on 7th of April 2019 in my gorgeous studio in Cheltenham, on this course you will learn the fundamentals of photography.

If you are a complete novice or a keen learner, I will cover the basics of using your camera to the fullest, the perfect start to your photographic journey.

The main points covered are during the day are.

  • Fundamental principles of light.
  • Camera & lens basics.
  • The correct settings for shooting in manual mode.
  • Lens choices for different subjects.
  • ISO, F stops and Shutter speeds.
  • Understanding exposure.
  • Understanding depth of field.
  • How to see the light and use it effectively.
  • The rules of composition.
  • Pushing your creativity to a different level.
  • Posing people.
  • Downloading and storing your images.
  • A brief guide to editing your images.

This is a practical workshop, so please do bring along your cameras and lenses. (and if you still have them your manuals just in case)

At the end of the day there will be a short critique of the images you have taken, with guidance about moving forward.

Lunch is included.

Photography Workshops in Cheltenham

Find out more about a range of training and mentoring options and dates of our Photography Workshops in Cheltenham.

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Photography workshops Cheltenham.
Photography Workshops Cheltenham.

Children’s Portraiture Workshop Cheltenham

If you wish to move on from the beginners course and extend your skills I will then be running my very successful Children’s portraiture course on the 12th of May 2019, again at the Cheltenham studio. For this course we have models and a wonderful location in which to take images, and I will run through every aspect of how I capture wonderful images of children.

You will need to bring along your camera, lenses, a note pad, pen, and a creative mind!

In the afternoon practical session we will have a child model, where you can practice and develop your newly learnt skills.This workshop will be an introduction into children’s portraiture, with the main emphasis on how to capture stunning images of children on location.  Using, styling, light, composition and expression to push your portraiture to a different level.

  • An introduction of to my children’s portraiture work, and how I work.
  • An in depth look at some of my work with specific tips of how to approach a shoot with children.
  • We will pay particular attention to, location spotting, looking for good light, the correct lenses and camera settings to use, in a variety of different locations.
  • After lunch there will be a hands on local shoot to practice new skills and explore the various techniques we have learnt in the morning.
  • After the shoot with the model we will return to the studio for a review and summery of the images taken.

There will be several hours here you will be able to practice your skill on location. I will be on hand guiding and demonstrating first hand how to capture beautiful images of children. Explaining what to look for, and how to see the perfect image.

Lunch is included.

Photography Workshops in Cheltenham

Find out more about a range of training and mentoring options and dates of our Photography Workshops in Cheltenham.

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Portrait photography workshops Cheltenham.
Portrait Photography workshops, Cheltenham.

We have a spectacular venue, and will mostly be out and about on these heavily practical workshops.

With a wealth of experience in training and mentoring I am able to guide and tutor you in to the finer details of capturing a quality images, and how to fully understand your camera in manual mode, and explore the finer details of portrait photography.

We look forward to welcoming you and inspiring photographers of the future!

Saraya xx


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