Mothers are the best!

Mothers really are the centre of most families, and here are a few reasons why you should think so highly of yours! (and get them a really nice present for mothers day!)

For a start, the giving birth part is pretty bloody painful! (I’ve been there trust me!)

After hours, sometimes days, of excruciating pain, your lovely mummies are just left to clean up poo, wee, sick, dirty nappies! With no conversation from you (I’m talking just after childbirth here!)

For at least six months! It can be pretty soul destroying! Trying to even do the most normal thing like trying to do a wee yourself, creates a whole rigmarole of effort. I think they need to teach you how to do a poo with a baby in a sling in pre natal, standard!

OK, so you get pretty cute at about 6 months, and things start getting interesting, talking, and walking are pretty cool, and I am sure you’re mum celebrated all of those feats with huge excitement!

Clever you! You just gave your poor mum even MORE to do! Not only is she cleaning up all the other shit, (wee, puke still involved here) but also all the other mess you leave around the house! Stones down the toilet, and magnetic letters in the video recorder ! (thats showing my age).

Whilst teaching you at the same time, how to eat, sleep, behave, (Not to hit Jordan from your playgroup because he pinched your brown baby!) And all of that other stuff that it takes to be a nice human being!

Then when school starts! Well its a whole different league of hard work! Taxi, teacher, gymnast, artist, costume designer, (bloody world book day, my beautiful Rose decided she wanted to be HEDWIG from Harry Potter!!) I think I still have the picture, I’ll see if I can dig it out I was pretty proud of that one!

So I’m going to cut it short here , believe me I could go on! Your mummies, do an amazing job, and they really do try their best! They might not get it right every time! But they really will try their best!

And lets face it, the dirty nappies become pants strewn across your bedroom floor, and the sick rather than just baby milk is the aftermath of an overindulgence of peach schnapps  in your early teens dressed as pirates (maybe thats just my Rose and her  bestie Hannah) and you still don’t talk for six months! (I’m talking teenage years here! and I did sell her Justin Bieber tickets for punishment!)

The one thing I do know is, that you will realise how special your mum is when you become a parent yourself, all these silly little things that I’ve mentioned become so insignificant!

Being a parent is the most beautiful thing you can be! And your Mum would do them time and time over again because she loves you so much!

You know that she does a lot for you! And deep down, she know you love her back,(even if if you are are a big fat pain the arse, and never call or text) so why not surprise her with something a little different from flowers, or chocolates?

Surely your mum deserves a gorgeous keepsake to what has made her do all of these selfless things!, just a reminder, of how special you and she are together!


I have some brilliant offers for some lovely portraits in London ! Go on! You know she she deserves it!



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