Five great tips to capture natural images of your children!

I have opened up a few training dates for photography workshops in Essex, so I thought I would give you an small snippet of what I will covering on the days…

You will notice that NONE of these tips involves, kit requirements or technical settings!  These will all be discussed in more depth on the day, but until then here are a few tips to get you started!

Be Patient.

“Never work with animals or children” I have lost count of the times a parent has said this to me during a shoot, It always makes me smile, as children are easily my favorite subject to image! The key is really just to be patient, quite often if you leave them to their own devices they will do something that will just look lovely in an image, without too much interference from the photographer. I normally say guide your subject, never pose!


Look for good light, and interesting locations.

Good light is key for beautiful portraits of your children, I tend to love natural light, as I feel it is lovely and soft on the complexions of little ones. In bright daylight I will look for areas of shade to soften shadows. I will also always try and pick a location that the child is familiar with; it will automatically put them at ease.


Engage and communicate.

The best expressions and greatest connection will always come when the child is engaged with the photographer, talking, playing and having fun will produce relaxed and natural smiles with real personality.


Think about placement.

Not only how the subject is within the frame, but also you with your subject! I will always drop down to the level of the child, this will make for a more engaging and personal portrait.


Chose the right time!

Always think about when the child will be at his/her best for a portrait, more often than not I will aim to shoot all of my children’s portraits in the morning, it will give me the best chance for lively and energetic images.

The light at this time will also be softer and more flattering to your subject.


If you would like some beautiful portraits of your children please do contact me for further information, I am currently running some special offers for the months of March. April and May, please contact me for more details!

Speak soon!

Saraya x



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