Beautiful kids portraits, North London.

Last week, on a beautiful Autumn day, I met the wonderful Zoe and Ciara and their family, in stunning Trent Park, North London.


The GORGEOUS colours and textures of the woods, and the tree lines paths, were a lovely backdrop to some beautiful family portraits, and we had a great time walking around and taking images of the girls!

Photographing siblings is great as we will always manage to get expressions from their reactions to each other, it makes it so natural.

I just love taking images at this time of year, the light is lovely and soft, perfect for flattering portraits. and the vibrant colours of the trees just add to the whole autumnal feel of the images.

The girls dressed perfectly for the time of year, and in outfits that went very well together, this always helps with the overall look of the final images.

As a Fuji ambassador, of course, all of the images were taken with my lovely new personalised Fuji X-T2, and a mixture of fuji lenses, 16-55mm, and the 50-140mm and the 90mm prime (this was used for the head shots), please click on the individual images to see the metadata.

If you would like some portraits of you and your family at a lovely location near you, please do contact me for details. I have a few weekend slots still available, for shoots that can be ready before the Christmas cut off point, at the end of November.

Saraya x


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