Photographic inspiration , London and Essex!

So last night I was invited to speak at my local photography group in Essex. It was such a lovely evening I wanted to share my experiences!

A month ago whilst away in Budapest I was asked if I would like to talk about my adventures in Tanzania and in Nepal, where I had been working with the charity Raleigh International. as a photographer on Expedition.


It was a lovely evening and great to see so many friendly faces! And thankfully my talk was very well received, thank you so much to all of those who came to see me, it was very much appreciated!

Here is one of the slideshows that I created for part of my talk, with a few of my favourite images from Tanzania, Africa, where I spent 4 month in 2015, and received a Fellowship and a Peter Grunion Award for the best Fellowship Panel of 2015.

The group is an open one, and actively encourage new members and attendees, without needing to be a member of an association or photographic body, or indeed a professional photographer. Just the interest and passion about photography is enough!

The group hold monthly meetings, where a speaker is invited to share experiences in the aim to inspire and encourage photographers in both their businesses and their photographic journeys.

Each month the speakers will talk about their specialist aspects of photography, from travel photography, weddings, portraiture through to marketing etc.

The monthly fee is just £10 for all of this wonderful information and great social evening!

If you would like to come along to the next friendly meeting please keep in contact with the Facebook page to see up and coming events!

Saraya x

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