Photography training, Essex.

So this Sunday was our last children’s portraiture course in Essex for the year, and what a great one to end on!

An enthusiastic group joined us in The Fishermans Chapel in Leigh-on-Sea, all their camera gear ready and eager to learn some new photography skills.

The weather was as beautiful as always, (we always seem to get lucky), and our beautiful model Lizzie has just grown into such an amazing little girl! Her third year of being our model and she is truly brilliant!

As usual, during the morning of the workshop we discussed the things to look for when shooting stylised children’s portraits on location, and the various techniques that I use to create the style of portraiture that my clients love.

We learnt the specific settings that I use on my camera for my portraiture, and set our cameras ready to shoot!

In the afternoon, we ventured out into lovely Old Leigh with our model, and everybody managed to have some time practicing their skills with her in a variety of poses and locations. A full two hours of sunshine and shooting later we were all ready to return back to the Chapel for some well deserved lunch and download our images.

We then did a brief lesson of editing and backing up images, and finished with a brilliant critique of some of pour images. Everybody loves this part of the course as in enables everybody to see what each other has shot, and also to learn even more about composing and theory of imagery.

We have now released some dates for our photography courses, Essex for 2017 and some exciting new ideas for some evening courses too!

So please do get in contact if you would like further details!

Saraya x

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