Beautiful childrens Portraits, Kew Gardens.

Just before Christmas last year, I met the wonderful Evelyn and her gorgeous little sister Leonore.

The weather was chilly, so we dressed up nice and warm in our winter coats, hats and scarves, and the light was simply gorgeous, with the winter sun giving us the last light over the beautiful grounds of Kew Gardens.

The Gardens are an amazing location for a family portrait, with many different locations and areas in which to shoot some beautiful children portraits in London.

Evelyn, was only two at the time, and what a little star she was! We had great fun, walking around, chatting, and playing, and as a result we managed to capture some lovely natural portraits of the two of them.

The expressions and character are to me what makes a successful children portrait, and there was no shortage of expression with this little one as you can see….the bottom one in particular makes me smile!

Even more impressive, was that Evelyn had managed to keep it a secret from her Mummy and Daddy all the way to Christmas, as the portrait collection was to be a beautiful personalised gift for them both.

The colours and the light on the day were just spectacular for portraiture, just a lovely way to capture a family portrait in a natural environment, if you would like to capture your family in this way please do not hesitate to contact me for more details or to discuss your ideas!


All the best! Saraya xx



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