Portrait shoots by the seaside!

On a beautiful sunny Saturday morning we met lovely Elliott and Sammy down on the Essex coast in Leigh-on-Sea.

What a lovely time we had wandering around down by the seaside! giving us a great deal of opportunity for some summery portraits of these two very cheeky and entertaining little men!

This is the third or fourth shoot that I done with the boys, the last ones being in the Studio in Barnet, we thought that is was time to let loose and give the boys some freedom to run around and play, enabling me to capture some natural and playful portraits.

They bought along with them a couple of colourful changes of clothes that were just fitted perfectly within the seaside setting. And Sammy with his lovely straw hat looked like a little star.

portraits, essex

I love this time of year as I can shoot on location all week in some of the most beautiful locations in and around London. One day it could be the Southbank skate park, the next Hampstead Heath, all give something unique and special to the portraits!

Living by the sea however is where I LOVE shooting the most, I love the way the changing of the tides allows for a constantly changing backdrop to my portraiture, and there is always the promise of a lovely ice-cream at the end of the shoot!

If you would like a location shoot in or around London please do contact me for details, I would be happy to discuss you requirements!

Ill leave you with a couple of my favourite images of Sammy and Elliott, by the Sea side!

Essex portraits
Leigh-on-Sea portraits

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