Beautiful portraits on the Essex coast.

Wow! what a perfectly beautiful summer we are having! Especially for a photographer the weather has been near to perfect! When its like this I love working away from the studio, and just relish the chance to work outdoors!

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to meet the wonderful and very pretty Lizzie to our wonderful local coastline on Leigh-on-Sea, just down the road from Southend, this lovely little fishing town is just lovely for some natural portraits.

Location portraits Essex  Location portraits

Lizzie is only 5 and was probably one of the best little models I have taken image of in recent years1 very engaging and took direction brilliantly, which is always helpful when you are trying to get striking images on location.

We wandered around Leigh and took wide variety of portraits for her, as the tide was out we were able to capture some images that normally would not be have been possible, which is the beauty of this wonderful location! Constantly changing, meaning no portraits will ever look the same.

Lizzie bought a couple of changes of clothes a beautiful floaty dress and of course a lovely little hat, that both just fitted perfectly with the location!

Seaside portraits Seaside portraits

If you have an idea for a unique family or children shoot in or around London, please do contact me for details and to discuss your requirements!

Locations shoots start at £75 for unto two hours with me, and I allow for upto 2 changes of clothes, and various locations within reason.

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