Beginners Photography training courses, now running in Essex!

So you’ve got a swanky new digital camera and not a clue how to use it to its full potential? Well this is the course for you!

We have been running these courses for the last year and they have proved hugely successful, in pushing delegates away from using their cameras on P mode into understanding and utilising the true capabilities of their kit.

The day is an intense and rewarding experience where “the photographer’ is guided through the various camera settings and how they affect the outcome when the shutter is pressed! Starting with the fundamentals of ISO, apertures and shutter speeds, we have practical demonstrations that are easy to follow and comprehend.

After lunch we will then encourage you to create some photographic artwork of your own!

Examples of work will be shown to inspire, with ideas of how to look for light, textures, colours, points of interest and composition. Tutors are always nearby to advise and help with those technical aspects of photography.

The course is located in the beautiful seaside town of Leigh on Sea, in Essex, where there is a huge amount of potential for amazing imagery! Past delegates have produced some gallery worthy images that they are proud to take home, demonstrating the news skills that they have learnt throughout the day.

The day closes with a short appraisal of each photographers images, how they have worked!

Each delegate will walk away being inspired and confident to use their camera with the skills required to produce photography of a level that is above those point and shoot snaps that they were so used to taking. Worksheets explaining all that has been discussed throughout the day are supplied.

We normally run 4 of these course per year and they are very popular so early booking is advised to ensure your place. Please contact Saraya for further details.

Here are some examples of the work that has been taken on one of the course!…

leigh-005 leigh-003 _DSC4349 _DSC4340

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