Location Portraiture London

Over the last two years I have managed to venture away from the studio in Barnet to take some beautiful portraits in London, and The South East.

I have spent some Great days in Greenwich, Brilliant days in Battersea Park, and wonderful days on Wimbledon Common! And many other inspiring locations in and around London. No matter what the weather, I have always managed to create some beautiful portraits including this wonderful landscape of ours.

If you are interested in having a lovely location portrait of your children or family, please do contact me for details of these very personalised shoots!

Picking the location will be the first step, we then will talk about the sort of styling that you would like for your shoot, where we will consider clothing and props, this will all happen before the shoot over the phone or via e-mail.

The shoots generally last for an hour, and are either in the morning or afternoon (please consider when your children will be at their best, with younger ones this will generally be in the morning!)!) and within this time we will walk around our chosen location, taking some beautiful images as we go!

The following portraits were all taken over the last year and in London or the South East. If you would like to see some more examples of these images please visit my location portfolio.

location-0001 location-0006 location-0008


2 comments on “Location Portraiture London”
  1. suchitra says:

    Love your images! The framing is wonderful in all of them!


    1. Hi Suchitra,

      Many thanks for your lovely comment! I hope that it shows that I enjoy what I do!

      Saraya xx


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