Children’s portraits North London

Late last week we had two gorgeous little ones visit The Studio in North London, for a portrait shoot. With all of this rain we are having I think they came suitably dressed! And they just look so lovely and cozy warm in their great little hats and coats!

Sometimes these are the images that really capture the imagination as they are a little different to the normal ones that we would generally take in the studio!

This was actually mums idea to pop them back into their coats etc, and I have to say the images are my favourites from the shoot!

This is lovely Layla! And what a fabulous expression we have in this portrait! And at only 8 months old was already crawling around the studio at high speed! So I had to be fast to capture this little lady!

Kids-Portraits-London-001Layla’s big brother is the very handsome Aiden! Who like his sister was full of energy! So I had to shoot extra fast to capture these lovely portraits!

To help with energetic little ones, I generally play games and talk ALOT to keep their attention, I also have stickers and little toys placed all over the studio to distract and draw attention. These help me when there are specific portraits that I would like to capture!

Kids-Portraits-London-002 With these two little ones the puppet was the winner and when I managed to get these gorgeous expressions! He really is my most invaluable prop used in the Studio.
All of these portraits were shot in the studio with 2 BRxi Elinchrom 500 Lights.

On a Leaf green Colorama 9ft roll and with the 70mm-200mm Lens on my Nikon. The images were then edited in Nik software to create these lovely toned black and white portraits.

If you would like to see some more of my kids portraits please do take a look at my Kids Portrfolio!

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