Sean Conway Super Human!!

Was great to see Sean after such an Epic and eventful trip!! (still with beard!) Have a read!!

Miles cycled: About 16000 (Cycle computer broke so just guessing)
I am short on what I wanted to cycle but my accident meant I was on the road a month longer than expected and needed to get back to London for the Olympics

Bike Make: Thorn Mercury frame with Rohloff Hub

Bikes used: 2
First frame got completely mashed in accident and was generously given another one by the wonderful family that looked after me in Arkansas. 

Pedals: 3 sets
My first XTR pair lasted 12000 miles then came off the shaft. 2nd pair (Cheap Malaysian knockoff) lasted 2000miles. 

Tyres: 14
I mostly used Continental GP4000s tyres which are incredible. My last front tyre did 5000miles and I only got 5 punctures on it. (Back tyre wears quicker) I posted tyres to bike shops/friends around the world which I would collect along route. 

Punctures: Around 40
I didn’t get that many punctures and many of my flats (especially in India) were old patches melting off. I would take proper glue based patches next time and not self stick ones.

Food and water consumed: 
I would eat and drink my entire body weight every week to 10 days. On average I would drink 8 litres per day and up to 12 litres on the heavy 40+ degree days.
Most water carried at one time: 6 litres

Weight lost: 5kgs
I didn’t have much to lose as I was only 67kgs to start but went down to about 62kgs in Malaysia. 

Clothing worn
Tights: 2 pairs (First pair got cut off me in hospital)
Gloves: 3 pairs
Socks: 1 pair (This pair also did Lands End to JOG)
Jacket and Waterproof: 1 set
Shoes: 1 Pair (S-Works MTB. Love these shoes)

The Accident
Speed at which truck hit me: 50mph
Speed I was travelling: 10mph
Time of accident: 5.56am
Time completely unconscious: 10 minutes
First words spoken when awoken: “Hows my bike?” (I’m not making that up either)
Injuries sustained: Whiplash. Concussion. Torn ligament in right leg (Cant squat now). Compression fracture to T11 vertebrae. Torn muscles in the middle of my back. Sprained ankle. Chipped tooth.
Hospital bill: $15,000
Time for injuries to heal: Still not healed.
Time spent off the bike due to injury: 25 days
Distance cycled before injury: 4000 miles
Distance cycled with injury: 12000 miles

Average hours spent on bike
Pre Accident: 16 hours per day
Post Accident: 12 hours per day
Shortest Day: 7 hours
Longest Day: 21 hours

Average Hours Slept
Pre Accident: 5-6 hours
Post Accident: 7-8 hours

Average Cycle Distances
Pre accident: 180 miles per day
Post accident: 140 miles per day
Days cycled less than 100 miles: 6
Days Cycled over 180 miles: 20
Shortest Day: 78 miles
Longest Day: 226 miles
Average Speed: 13.5mph
Longest distance cycled without available food/water: 190 miles

Days cycled in rain: 15
Pretty happy about that. I planned my route to be summer based.

Hottest temperature cycled in: 44 degrees
Days cycled that were over 30 degrees: 75
Times I got heatstroke: 4
Nose bleeds due to heat: 5

Road kill count: 32346789876543 (Mostly Kangaroos in Oz)
Chased by dogs: Around 50 times
Bitten by dog: Once

Times I fell over: Once (At ferry in France on second to last day in front of a huge crowd)

Times I shaved: 0

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